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Brickie Lingo

A-Z list of words brickies should know... Anything in here you don't know?

Confused by colour washes? Bamboozled by brick dyes? Fear not! We’re here to demystify the world of brick tinting with our comprehensive A-Z glossary. Grab a cuppa and let’s unravel the lingo together in ‘Glossary of Brick Tinting: Understanding the Lingo’.

A. Aggregate

The collective term for the sand and stones in the mortar mix. Not the most glamorous part of brick tinting, but without it, we’d all be in a sticky situation!

B. Brick Dye

A colouring agent used to change the colour of bricks. No, it’s not like hair dye, and please, don’t try it at home!

C. Colour Wash

A technique where a diluted paint or tint is applied to bricks to subtly alter their colour. Think of it as a spa day for your bricks!

D. Doff Cleaning

A steam cleaning process used to remove dirt from brickwork before tinting. Not to be confused with ‘doffing your cap’, although both involve a touch of class!

E. Efflorescence

The pesky white salt deposits that can appear on bricks. More often battled than wanted in the brick tinting world!

F. Flashing

A process to create variations in brick colours. Not to be confused with lightning flashes, although both can be quite striking!

G. Grout

The filler used to seal joints between bricks. It’s like the glue that holds a puzzle together, but way more gritty!

H. Hydrochloric Acid

An acid often used to clean bricks. Not something you’d find in your bathroom cleaning kit, but vital in the world of brick tinting.

I. Iron Oxide

A commonly used pigment in brick dyes. It may sound like something from a science lab, and well, that’s because it is!

J. Jet Washing

A cleaning method using high-pressure water. Not recommended for casual Sunday afternoon garden watering!

K. Kiln

The oven used to fire bricks. Hotter than your average kitchen oven, and definitely not for your Sunday roast!

L. Lime Run

Streaks of lime left on brickwork due to water run-off. Not the kind of ‘run’ we recommend!

M. Mortar

The mixture used to hold bricks together. The unsung hero of any brickwork project!

N. Natural Pigments

Colouring agents derived from natural resources used in brick tints. Bringing a bit of Mother Nature to your brickwork!

O. Overspray

The unintended transfer of spray material outside the target area. The enemy of any careful brick tinter!

P. Pigment

The ingredient in tints that provides colour. The ‘spice’ that brings the colour to your bricks!

Q. Quoin

The external angle of a wall. Not to be confused with ‘coin’, although both involve a fair bit of change!

R. Repointing

The process of renewing the external part of mortar joints. A bit like refreshing your wardrobe, but for your house!

S. Stain

A type of brick tint that penetrates the brick’s surface. Unlike clothing stains, these are actually desired!

T. Tint

The colouring agent applied to bricks to change their colour. The ultimate fashion statement for your property!

U. Ultraviolet Light

The component of sunlight that can cause tints to fade. The nemesis of every beautifully tinted brick wall!

V. Veneer

A thin decorative covering applied to brickwork. The haute couture of the brick world!

W. Weathering

The natural wear and tear on bricks caused by exposure to the elements. The most unavoidable critic of any brick tinting project!

X. Xeriscaping

Landscaping designed to reduce the need for water usage. Not strictly brick-related, but good to know when planning your surrounding garden!

Y. Yellow Bricks

A popular choice for those looking for a lighter, more vibrant hue for their property. Sadly, they don’t necessarily lead to the Emerald City!

Z. Zellige

A form of mosaic tilework made from individually chiselled geometric tiles. Again, not directly related to brick tinting but an A-Z of brick-related lingo isn’t complete without a ‘Z’!

In Conclusion

So there you have it, from Aggregate to Zellige, a whirlwind tour through the lexicon of brick tinting. We hope that you’re now feeling a little less lost in the lingo and a little more ready to embark on your next brick tinting adventure!

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