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Brick Tinting & Repairs in Essex

From private home owners to commercial contractors – our brick tinting and repair specialists are here to transform your property one brick at a time.

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We breathe new life into old bricks

With over a decade of experience, our team of skilled craftsmen are dedicated to each and every brick, making your property our masterpiece… And we’re the DaVinci of brickwork.


We work fast and effectively to get the job done on time.


There’s a reason our motto is “Don’t replace, Repair”.


Building trust with our clients is important to us.


Our Services

Professional Brick Tinting and Repairs in Essex.

Residential Brick Tinting

Elevate your home’s appeal with tailor-made brick hues, customised to your property’s aesthetic.

Commercial Brick Tinting

Enhance your storefront or office building’s visual impact with our specially designed commercial brick colour treatments.

Brick Colour Matching

Unify your property’s appearance by seamlessly blending new bricks with the old, courtesy of our expert colour matching.

Brick Tinting for Restoration

Preserve historical charm with sensitive, precise tinting for your heritage property’s brickwork.

Brick Weatherproofing

Shield your bricks from the UK’s unforgiving weather, ensuring long-lasting vibrance and durability.


Gain clarity and make informed choices with our in-depth, professional guidance on brick tinting.

Bespoke Brick Tinting

Express your style uniquely with tailor-made brick tints, allowing for the perfect colour and finish selection.

Extensions & Renovations

Keep your property’s look cohesive throughout expansions or refurbishments with our specialist tinting expertise.

Ageing Services

Add authenticity to new brickwork, giving it a timeless appearance that matches your historical property.

Brick and Stone Repairs

Trust our experts to restore any brick and stone damages, ensuring your property retains its pristine condition.

Colour Change & Modifying

Redefine your property’s aesthetics with our brickwork and stone surface transformations.

Mortar Repair & Tinting

Maintain a solid and visually harmonious brick façade with our professional mortar remediation and tinting.

Brickwork Restoration

Retain your brickwork’s character while restoring its grandeur with our extensive restoration solutions.

Structural Movement Repairs

Address settling, subsidence, or other movement issues, reinforcing your property’s safety and longevity.

Brick Cleaning

Reveal the hidden charm of your bricks, eliminating grime and efflorescence with our specialised cleaning techniques.

Stone Cleaning

Restore the natural beauty of your stone surfaces with our gentle yet thorough cleansing process.

Pressure Washing

Remove stubborn dirt and stains from your outdoor spaces, offering them a fresh and clean appearance.

Steam Cleaning

Enjoy the efficacy of chemical-free cleaning, safely revitalising your brick or stone surfaces with our steam treatments.

Our Clients

We work with many clients from private & domestic work, in the construction industry or with architects & designers.


Private & Domestic


Building & Construction


Architects & Designers

Private & Domestic

We help many private householders to improve their living area by  providing the best possible  service.

Building & Construction

The construction market is our priority where our ability to repair  or restore almost any surface can be crucial.

Architects & Designers

We are working very close with the most extraordinary architects and designers who design for new construction projects, alterations and redevelopments.


We’re extremely flexible and can work at almost any scale.

Our Promise

We love what we do, and promise to work with the utmost pride, making each and every brick count.

Mark W, CEO WoodFixers.


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Build your knowledge one brick at a time.

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